foto” The Eye of the Artist” Is the title of the exhibition planned for Museo Fortuny from 1st June to 24th November. His eye: that of the collector is only of the possible meanings. Tapies was moved not only by the desire to possess the scultures of ancient tribes or prehistoric stones, but also by the urgency of a comparison with artists to whom he felt in some way bound.and whose works he collected: Miro’, Picasso,Kazuo Shiraga, the Japanese Pollock,Pollock himself,Franz Kline and Kounellis. The objects, including the pictures,all come from the artist’s own home and have never been on public display before. Another aspet is revealed by his own pictures, through emotive synthesis more than a chronological one. That is also a tribute to Tapies by living artists: from Anthony Caro to Lawrence Carroll Museo Fortuny. San Marco 3958


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