My Fashionable Venice

A creative guide to a city that is a unique corner of the world, but also a book hand-illustrated by its author. And so, rather like the shoes made by René Caovilla’s family Maison, it becomes a jewel of a book. Paola Buratto Caovilla is a many-sided woman, passionate about art, and she loves to share her passions. In this way My Fashionable Venice becomes an itinerary for visiting the places of the heart, amid the city’s alleys, islands and gardens, a directory of the finest high Venetian craftsmanship, as well as its traditional cuisine, all to be experienced in the enchanted atmosphere of the captivating Venetian landscapes. The whole book is written and illustrated by hand, with a Pop elegance attentive to details. It sweeps us away into the magic of Venice, taking us by the hand, leading us joyfully into all those real and unmissable places in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, whispering to us where to lose ourselves, in Italian, English and French. The author’s other books include Life is Beautiful, Happy Book, Haute Couture in Cucina. Peccati e piaceri and Taste the Fashion.